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5 Day Sunflower Challenge


Introducing...our first ever 5 DAY Glass Art CHALLENGE!   For this challenge our goal is to get you out of your comfort zone and create a fabulous textured sunflower (or whatever color flower you want) with a sparkly glass center and topped off with Art Resin!!

We will cover a step towards completion every single day for 5 days in our very on private Facebook challenge community group. 

Our LIVE start date has come and gone but HEY!  No worries!  All 5 days were recorded LIVE and will remain in the challenge group always!  So if ya missed a day, couldn't make it on time or are just now joining in...whatever, it's not a problem!  You can make art your sunflower art at your own pace!  

We will keep the facebook challenge group active for 90 days...after which we will archive the group.  Archiving means all the info will still be there - ALWAYS - but after it's archived you can still SEE all the vids, you can still READ all the questions, answers, won't be able to comment.  But don't worry, you can always email me if you have any questions!

Once you register, you will be immediately emailed all instructions on what to do and what to expect, along with a list of things needed for the challenge!  Your email will contain the link to the Sunflower Challenge Facebook page!  Without that link you wont be able to find the vids! Check your junk file, your clutter, NEED that email!

5 Day Sunflower Challenge 

ONLY $10/pp




Cant wait to get this party started!!