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Sunflower & Pumpkin Kit

Sunflower & Pumpkin Kit

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Purchase a kit and get FREE access to the pre-recorded tutorials for the Sunflower & Pumpkin Workshop.


8x10 canvas


Starfire glass

Bronze glass

2 oz ArtResin kit

Resin info card

Nitrile gloves

Stir stick

2 - 1 oz Measuring cups

2 paint brushes

Graphite paper


What’s NOT in the kit 

Acrylic paints…

  • Anitas White (any white) 
  • Delta Mermaid Blue (sky blue)
  • Americana Burnt Orange (warm orange)
  • Americana Heritage Brick (dark brick red)
  • Americana Traditional Burnt Umber (dark brown)
  • Americana Antique Gold (mustard yellow)
  • FolkArt Gilded Oak (dark mustard yellow)
  • Anitas Black or a black archival fine point pen

pencil or stylus for transferring pattern

blocks or push pins for elevating canvas

plastic cup for mixing resin

plastic and paper to protect your work surface

tape to mask back of canvas for drips


***finished art pic for reference